Why We Are Losing Turkey

Tony Blankley,  Real Clear Politics With the steady decline of our selected ally Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s ability to govern Pakistan and the growing alienation of the Turkish people and government from their longtime ally the United States, it is fair to say that from the Bosporus to the Himalayas, American interests continue to decline, while […]

Partisan Politics and Democrats’ Turkey Problem

Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call Contributing Writer If there is anything that points out the difference between most Republicans and most Democrats, it is Congress’ effort to pass a resolution that labels Turkey’s slaughter of Armenians almost a century ago as “genocide.”  The White House has opposed the action, which has been pushed by House Democrats. […]

Armenian genocide measure is misguided

Bruce Fein, San Francisco Chronicle Passing judgment on Turkey without all of the facts would be a travesty of justice. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi believed that the Armenian genocide resolution (HR106) that passed the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Oct. 10 would be a slam dunk for her national stature and leadership. Instead, it exposed […]

Congress and Armenia

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime minister of Turkey. The Wall Street Journal Efforts to rewrite the history of the events of 1915 through legislative fiat and vilify Turks are not new to the U.S. Congress.  But past attempts were always contained through support in Congress and from successive presidential administrations.  This time, it seems that the […]

Signs of congressional stalling on Armenian genocide resolution

Associated Press, Washington A vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to label the century-ago deaths of Armenians as genocide was in jeopardy after at least a half-dozen Democrats withdrew their support and several others implored Speaker Nancy Pelosi to hold off to avoid damaging relations with Turkey. The reaction from within their party appears […]