Turkish diplomats killed by Armenians remembered

Ankara, The New Anatolian The Federation of Turkish Associations in the U.K. organized a conference in London to commemorate Turkish diplomats killed by Armenian gangs. “This is the second conference held in memory of our martyred diplomats, and this is the most serious way to enlighten painful incidents of history,” Bahadir Kaleli, Turkey’s consul general […]

Desperate Obama voices all out support for Armenians

Ankara, TNA U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama falling behind Hillary Clinton has made a desperate attempt to court Armenian votes calling on Congress to adopt the resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire in 1915. Speaking to Armenian electors in the United States, Barak again confirmed his support to the strong Armenian […]

Former president Ter-Petrossian unveils manifesto in Armenian presidential race

Ankara, TNA Turkish observers are closely watching the developments in the upcoming Armenian presidential elections as former president Levon Ter-Petrossian made public his election campaign manifesto. Ter-Petrossian says if he wins in the February 19 presidential elections he will turn Armenia into a “normal” state where governments are formed as a result of free elections […]

The Tashnak Report of Tbilisi Gendarmerie in Command

 Mehmet Perincek, Aydinlik Magasine The Tsarist archives demonstrate that the Russian offices had great difficulties over the Armenian voluntary units, even though they had played a leading role at their organization. Even the Tsarist officials, who had been using the Armenian gangs, had written complaint letters about the activities of the Armenian voluntary units. On […]

Academician responds to Armenian parliament demands

Ankara, The New Anatolian A Turkish scholar, who is also the chairman of the Association to Fight Against Baseless Genocide Allegations, said Monday that Armenian lawmakers were living in a world of dreams, while commenting on demands of the Armenian parliament. “Armenian parliament once again stated expressly that they will not give up emity,” said […]