Armenian youth: Let there be light

Turkish Daily News A group of youth in Armenia has voiced their opposition to any interference into relations between Turkey and Armenia from Western countries and the Diaspora. They also sent a message to Turkey, saying, ‘Please do not blame Armenia because of the acts and attitudes of the Diaspora.’ The members of the youth […]

Armenia misses the trans-Caucasus train

Turkish Daily News Turkish stretch of a strategic railway project excluding Armenia inaugurated in Kars at a time when Ankara signals positive moves to normalize ties with Yerevan. ‘The project is open to all countries in the region,’ says Gül. Turkey joined with two other regional leaders in a show of power yesterday in inaugurating […]

Foreign minister says Turkey wants to normalize relations with Armenia

Hurriyet Turkey is willing to normalize its relations with the neighboring Armenia, Foreign Minister Ali Babacan said late on Thursday.  Turkey wanted to create an atmosphere of dialogue with Armenia, Babacan told a press conference in New York.   “Turkish president, prime minister and foreign minister sent letters to their Armenian counterparts after recent elections in […]

Past Impedes Normalization of Relations between Armenia and Turkey

Trend AZ Though it is important to normalize relations between Armenia and Turkey, they will not solve the problem as it was emotionally charged with feelings they both had, experts said. “As long as the problem was a conflict between the two nations and it was emotionally charged with feelings they both had, nothing could […]

Gül calls on Armenia to respect territorial integrity of neighbors

Today’s Zaman President Abdullah Gül stated yesterday that Turkey wants good relations with its neighbors and stability in its region but sent a veiled message to Armenia that it should respect the territorial rights of neighboring Azerbaijan if it wants to be part of regional integration projects. “Countries in the region should support projects that […]