No Talks on Nagorno-Karabakh during Football Match, Says Azerbaijani MP

Trend News I do not believe Turkish President Abdullah Gul will visit Yerevan, said Azerbaijani MP Malahat Hasanova while commenting on media reports about Turkish Presidentїs visit to Armenia at early September. Gul is expected to attend football match between Turkish and Armenian teams in Yerevan. According to Hasanova, Azerbaijan has a common interest with […]

Armenia pres says Turk Gul’s visit to open window of opportunities

Hurriyet The visit of Turkish President Abdullah Gul to Armenia will boost the diplomatic ties between the two countries and open new windows of opportunity, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan in said in an interview with Radikal daily on Thursday. Sargsyan invited Turkish President Abdullah Gul to watch a football match between the two country’s national […]

For true Caucasus stability Turkey must remain on course

Turkish Daily News Turkey closed its border with Armenia in mid-1993 was due to Armenianaggression and occupation of Azerbaijani territories of Karabakh andseven other regions (total of about 15 percent of Azerbaijan, with over800,000 Azerbaijanis and Kurds displaced or killed). Incidentally, thesebinding demands on Armenia about withdrawing and ceasing occupationwere made not just by Turkey, […]

Ottoman-Armenian Relations

In the first years of the Ottoman Empire, Armenians were scattered as small princedoms and emirates. They were living as subjects of Iran, Byzantine Empire, Georgian and Seldjukian States and the other small emirates located generally in Cukurova, Eastern Anatolia and Caucasus regions. The first relations of Armenians with Ottomans started in the western region […]

Turkish president faces a dilemma in accepting Armenia’s invitation

Hurriyet Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul faces a tough decision on whether to accept Armenia’s invitation to watch a football game between the two countries’ national teams in Yerevan. Gul is yet to make a decision, however his closest aides and the foreign ministry has divided over the issue. Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan has invited Gul […]