Turkey reiterates its call on Armenia to open archives on 1915 events

Hurriyet  Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan Thursday once again called on the Armenian government to open their archives for studies on the incidents of 1915. Armenia, with the backing of the diaspora, claims up to 1.5 million of their kin were slaughtered in orchestrated killings in 1915. Turkey rejects the claims, saying that 300,000 Armenians […]

Turkish FM says Armenian counterpart expected to visit Turkey

Hurriyet Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian is expected to visit Turkey later this year, Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan said Wednesday. “I will pay a visit to Azerbaijan in the coming days, and a visit by Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian of Armenia to Turkey is in question. The diplomacy traffic in the Caucasus will speed […]

The dream of a Turkish Armenian comes true

Hurriyet Serkis İmas simply wanted to leave something to the lands where he was born and he didn’t want to let his memories fade away when he sought to publish his memoirs, according to his biographer Bildirici. When Serkis İmas penned his memories in his ancestral homeland Anatolia, he probably didn’t mean to launch a […]

Turkish ambassador: Give all sides a hearing

TCA In response to an inquiry by the Advocate, the Turkish ambassador to the U.S. issued the following statement: It was surprising and disappointing when, on August 21, ADL abruptly changed its longtime position regarding the historical interpretation of the events of 1915 – even though the organization appeared later to recalibrate its course. There […]

Armenian American Verbal Thuggery in Ohio Provokes Criminal Investigation Request

The Turkish American Legal Defense Fund The Turkish American Legal Defense Fund today requested the Attorney General of Ohio, Nancy H. Rogers, to open a criminal investigation under Ohio law into signature Armenian verbal thuggery employed by Armenian American independent candidate David Krikorian against Representative Jean Schmidt. The Congresswoman represents the 2nd district of Ohio, […]