Torrent of bitterness on the Turkey-Armenia border

There is more than the River Araxe separating the villages of Halikislak in Turkey and Bagaran in Armenia — a sealed border and a torrent of animosity divides their countries. The 300 people in Halikislak and 700 in Bagaran are never allowed to meet. But hopes of an end to the isolation have been raised […]

“It is enough to visit mass graves in Igdir to know who committed genocide”

Head of the Azerbaijan International Diaspora Center (IDC) Ismayil Aghayev held a press conference on his visit to Igdir province of Turkey. Aghayev said every year Armenians marked the anniversary of false “Armenian genocide” in April, APA reports. He said IDC held series of events to prevent these falsehoods. Aghayev said within these events they […]

Meeting against Armenian genocide lies

USA New York Date:April 25, 2009  12:30pm Subject: Meeting against Armenian genocide lies Place: Times Square, 7th Ave. , between 41st & 42st Information: Contact: Washington DC Date:April 24, 2009  08:00am Subject: Meeting against Armenian genocide lies Place: 2525 Massachusetts Avenue Contact: &

Time for a historic decision

Did it really close the George W. Bush era? That is, did the Barrack Hussein Obama’s swing through London, Strasbourg, Prague, Ankara, Istanbul and of course Baghdad mark the end of the hegemonic and agonistic style of the Bush presidency and the opening of a new style based on engagement, cooperation, consensus seeking and partnership? […]

PM Erdogan soothes Azerbaijan’s concerns over Turkey-Armenia thaw

Turkey said it will be difficult to overcome problems with Armenia unless Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is resolved, in a bid to soothe Azerbaijan’s concerns. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan told reporters in Istanbul late Wednesday that his country faces difficulty stemming from an ongoing process that has continued between Azerbaijan and Armenia for years.   “It is […]