Putin’s Turkey visit stirs mixed feelings in Yerevan

Armenians watched Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s recent visit to Turkey with a mixture of hope and suspicion amid the normalization talks between Yerevan and Ankara, Eurasia.net reported Tuesday on its Web site. While many in Armenia see potential benefits arising from closer Turkish-Russian relations, worries persist among Armenian leaders and experts that Turkey’s importance […]

US hopes for Sarkisian visit to Turkey

Washington hopes that Armenian President Serge Sarkisian will visit Turkey in October to continue normalization talks with Ankara, U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state Matthew Bryza has said. The senior U.S. official also acknowledged that the U.S.-backed Turkish-Armenian dialogue has stalled recently and that he is now less optimistic about the chances for normalization of […]

Turkey’s borders

Turkey has foreign policy positions, all linked to national issues that remind of trenches dug for battle. These policies, as old as the Republic, were conceived as solutions to the de facto situation that occurred after the collapse of Ottoman Empire. Every ethnic group separating from the empire formed a nation-state. Turks, or rather Muslims, […]