A new interpretation of the Armenian deportations in World War I

During World War II, some 5 to 6 million Jews were murdered to destroy them as an ethnic group – the paradigm case of genocide. Now imagine for a moment that the Nazis had spared three categories of people: Jews willing to be baptized, pretty women in order to marry them and children to be […]

US Armenians step up ’genocide recognition’ campaign ahead of Erdoğan visit

The largest and most radical US Armenian group has stepped up its efforts to ’educate’ US administration leaders and lawmakers about Washington’s formal recognition of what they call the Armenian genocide. The group’s statement comes days before Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is set visit the United States for talks with US President Barack […]

Turkey eyes progress in Karabakh to move forward with Armenia

Turkey has said it is hopeful that Armenia and Azerbaijan will make progress toward resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, facilitating an imminent normalization of relations between regional foes Ankara and Yerevan. “The technical work was completed with regard to the corridors linking Armenia to Karabakh. We are informed of the progress [regarding the negotiations],” a […]

Call for Turkish-Armenian peace from theater stage

The Gülbenkyan Foundation, an Armenian organization in Lisbon, has given full support to the play ‘Armenian Concert or Turkish Proverb’ to be staged in Turkey. ‘We cannot live by getting stuck in tragedy,’ says the writer and composer of the play, Gerard Torikian. Also, director Serge Avedkiyan, who adapted the play to the stage, talks […]

Domino effect of Turkey-Armenia warmth to coat Gate of Orient, says analyst

The warm winds of change in Turkish-Armenian ties will somehow create a domino effect with positive implications, from the lifting of the blockade on Nakhichevan to the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh problem, according a senior foreign policy analyst from an Ankara-based think tank The warming relations between Turkey and Armenia could change the fate of […]