Turkey to open Armenian church to worship

A regional governor said on Thursday that Turkey would open an Armenian church in an eastern city to worship in 2010. Münir Karaloğlu, the governor of the eastern province of Van, said they would open the Akdamar Church to worship in September 2010. “We expect all Armenian citizens to a prayer at the Akdamar Church […]

Turkey-Armenia process at turning point

The rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia seems to be reaching a very critical turning point since it peaked with the signing of the protocols in October. The carefully worded documents, aimed at normalizing bilateral relations along a timetable, are now subject to ratification by both countries’ parliaments.

Businesses wait for opening of border

Turkish-Armenian businesspeople in Istanbul wish to act as a bridge between the two neighbors, but they are reluctant to enter the market, according to a top entrepreneur. A few businesspeople have entered the construction sector in Armenia, but they choose to act discreetly, Bedros Şirinoğlu says. Despite the stall in Turkey’s process to normalize relations […]

Armenian association to attend fair in Turkey

Turkey will be welcoming Armenian travel agencies to the Travel Turkey Fair, marking the first time that representatives from the country have participated in a trade fair in Turkey.  The Armenian Association of Travel Agents will, for the first time, attend and participate in the Turkey Travel Fair, organized by the Association of Turkish Travel […]