Armenian-Americans sue for century-old losses

Armenian-American lawyers filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against the Turkish government and two banks seeking compensation for the heirs of Armenians whose property was allegedly seized nearly a century ago as they were driven from the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Lawyers were seeking class-action status for the suit, a process that attorney Brian Kabateck said could […]

Anti-Turkey climate in the US congress

The U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Foreign Affairs held a hearing on Wednesday morning titled “Turkey’s New Foreign Policy Direction: Implication for U.S.-Turkish Relations.” The chairman of the Committee, Mr. Howard Berman, in his opening statement described the meeting as “the first full-committee hearing devoted exclusively to Turkey” because of questions “about Turkey’s orientation […]

Experts skeptical about new Armenian-American lawsuit against Turkey

Armenian-Americans file a federal lawsuit against two Turkish state-owned banks, T.C. Ziraat Bankası and the Central Bank of Turkey, but some international law experts say a local court cannot be used to sue a state in this way. Others say there is a possibility for the court to accept the case The federal lawsuit filed […]

US Resolution will have no affect on Turkish-Armenian normalization process

According to an interview held with the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, Howard Berman, many Congressmen that formerly refrained from supporting the Armenian Genocide Resolution now agree with the procedure as Turkey’s involvement with the IHH has caused massive resentment. However, Berman states that in either case the resolution would not affect […]

Foreign Minister Davutoglu on relations with Armenia

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Friday that Turkey took significant steps in elimination of problems with its neighbors however Armenia remained as a missing part of that picture. “It is obvious that refusal of the friendly hand offered by Turkey will give the most damage to Armenia itself,” Davutoglu told a written statement […]