Candidate for Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey cool toward politics

The Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey should do its best to steer clear of politics, according to a possible future patriarch. Archbishop Karekin Bekjian, a candidate for the patriarchate and a primate of the German diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, speaks to Hürriyet Daily News when he was in in Istanbul to celebrate the 550th […]

Sibil’s strains echo across city as Turkish TV airs first Armenian music video

The first Armenian music video is airing on Turkey’s leading music channels and the state-run TRT. Well-known artists provided support for artist Sibil Pektorosoğlu’s album, which was released a few months ago on the Ossi Music label. The Istanbul-born Armenian singer says it was a dream to release her album and broadcast her music video […]

Opposition representative expounds on Turkish-Armenian relations

Turkey’s main opposition’s foreign policy specialist and former Ambassador Osman Korutürk has criticized the government’s policies toward Armenia while reiterating his party’s election promises following his visits to the religious leaders of Turkey’s Armenian, Greek, Syriac and Jewish minorities this week. “The painful [events of 1915] were reciprocal; we need to talk tete a tete […]

Turkey renovates Armenian monuments as gesture

Turkey has launched a project to conserve an ancient Armenian cathedral and church in what is seen as a gesture of reconciliation toward its neighbor. Turkey and Armenia have been locked in a bitter dispute for decades over the mass killings of Armenians in Turkey in the last years of the Ottoman Empire. Efforts to […]

French Senate rejects bill criminalizing refusal of incidents of 1915

French Senate on Wednesday rejected a draft law penalizing the denial of Armenian allegations on the incidents of 1915. The Senate voted a motion 196-74 to reject the legislation before a debate and a voting at the general assembly. The proposal was included in the Senate agenda upon the initiative of senators from the Socialist […]