Sarkisian complains about ‘Turkish blockade’

Speakeng at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Armenia’s Sarkisian complains about a ‘Turkish blockade’ and warns of a possible war with Azerbaijan Armenian President Serge Sarkisian claimed Armenia is under the blockade of Turkey and Azerbaijan, during his address to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, while Azerbaijani parliamentarians said […]

CHP ready to negotiate with Armenia without any preconditions

Turkey’s ruling and main opposition parties are ready to normalize relations with Armenia and open the border, but the two are on conflicting sides of the debate over preconditions for negotiations. “We are ready to negotiate with Armenians without preconditions,” Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, leader of the Republican People’s Party, or CHP, told a group Turkish, Armenian […]

A small church service in Diyarbakır signals bigger reconciliation

Hearkening back to Diyarbakır’s cosmopolitan past, diaspora Armenians and clergy held a small service in a local church Saturday in what many hope is a harbinger for a more multicultural future in the southeastern city. “The sounds of the call to prayer and church bells will mix here on this land from now on,” Diyarbakır […]

Armenia returns to busy Turkish agenda

Turkey will come under pressure to normalize its relationship with neighboring Armenia, another component of the zero-problems policy of the re-elected government as hopes are running high over a progress at the June 25 meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders mediated by Russia. The leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan will meet next Saturday in […]

Turkish companies to organize package tours to Armenia

A joint enterprise between two Turkish-based tourism companies is planning to organize special package tours from Turkey to Armenia in August, even though the two countries’ borders have remained closed since 1993. The lack of recognition between the two peoples has resulted in reservations about traveling to each other’s countries for both Armenians and Turks, […]