Turkish PM seeks Armenian apology after Israel

PM Erdoğan seeks an apology from Armenian President Sarkisian for his remarks on potentially reclaiming ‘Western Armenia’ from Turkey Recent remarks by the Armenian leader about “Western Armenia,” an area now in Turkey, were not suitable for a statesman and president, the Turkish prime minister said Wednesday, demanding an apology. “The statements of the Armenian […]

‘Western Armenia’ return depends on youth, Sarkisian says

The return of “historic territories in Western Armenia” now found in eastern Turkey “depend on younger generations,” Armenian President Serge Sarkisian has said, according to online Armenian news sources. “[Any return] all depends on you and your generation,” Sarkisian said Saturday in response to a question about the area during the Armenian Language Olympics. “I […]

Davutoğlu’s gesture raises hopes for track-two diplomacy with Armenia

“Armenians are our diaspora.” This was probably the most impressive remark that remained in the hearts and minds of representatives of Armenian civil society organizations (CSO) who met with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu earlier this week. The Foreign Ministry was the venue for a remarkable meeting on Monday, where Davutoğlu and his undersecretary, Ambassador […]

Turkish directors head to Yerevan for festival

One of the greatest directors in Turkish cinema, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, as well as the young award-winning director Özcan Alper, are going to Yerevan for the Golden Apricot Film Festival that will start Sunday and continue until July 17 Yerevan’s International Golden Apricot Film Festival will again welcome some of the most prominent directors in […]

Yerevan: We should continue playing football

A senior Armenian official has called on Ankara to revive currently stalled efforts to normalize bilateral relations between the two estranged neighbors, while arguing that the improvement of relations between his country and Turkey would also serve as an impetus for improving relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and also for peace in the region. “As […]