Reporters Without Borders urge MPs to refer French denial bill to Constitutional Council

Reporters Without Borders in Paris urged parliamentarians to refer the bill adopted on Monday to make it a crime to deny Armenian allegations on the Ottoman era incidents of 1915 to the Constitutional Council. A letter by Jean-Francois Julliard, secretary general of Reporters Without Borders, said that parliamentarians must demand the bill’s referral to the […]

Open letter to French lawmakers

By Sophie Quintin Adali Honorable members of the Senate and of the National Assembly, There is something rotten in our Republic. The adoption by the two chambers of a law criminalizing a thought crime (denial of Armenian “genocide”) is both a shame for French democracy and a violation of the fundamental rights enshrined in the […]

Turks march through Paris to protest against passing of genocide law

Thousands of Turks from across Europe marched through the French capital on Saturday to denounce a bill that would make it a crime to deny that the killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks nearly a century ago was genocide.

Over Turkish Protests, French Lawmakers to Vote on Bill Penalizing Genocide Denial

The French Senate is scheduled to vote on Monday on a law that would penalize those who deny genocide, taking another step along a path that has already damaged France’s relations with Turkey.

L.A. Times: French Senate should reject the bill

In an article published on January 19, the Los Angeles Times has said that the “French Senate should reject a bill criminalizing the denial of Armenian allegations pertaining to the incidents of 1915″. Titled “Speech crimes and France” and written by Timothy Garton Ash, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and […]