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6 Responses to “About Blog”

  1. Jay Harley says:

    Armenian Genocide? You mean, genocide manufactured by Armenian ultra-nationalists and extremists? The same genocide was based on fake paintings depicting dead which can still be found on thousands of web sites on the internet.

    Instead of wasting your time on Armenian ‘genocide’, you better start researching genocide that Armenians committed against the Turks –> Turkish Genocide!

  2. Ophelia says:

    Can you explain me THE BIG HISTORIAN, if Armenians did genocide against Turkey, why they do not live on their historic lands, but spread all over the world, can you imagine the murderers who did the genocide and then escaped from their homes. It’s ridiculous, your attempts to justify turkish crime, make you ridiculous.

  3. Fred says:

    Ophelia, forced migration is not genocide. The reason why hundreds of thousands Armenians do not live in their historic land is forced migration. This forced migration was a response to Armenian armed groups acts against the Ottoman civilians. There were brutal acts. Then Ottomans, who were already fighting under Russian, British, French, Italian, Greek occupations, forcefully removed Armenians to another part of the empire because Armenians were fighting against Ottomans. There are so many documents proving that Ottoman Turks made efforts to stop Armenian death on this migration but unfortunately it could not save many people. People die and are removed from their homes in war, but none of this indicates a genocide.

  4. ripsime says:

    I can’t believe anyone still denies the Armenian genocide.

  5. John Smith says:

    It is really disturbing to read some of the comments here, some are flat out coming from hate filled individual and add nothing but racist rants, others just are incapable of doing some research.

    Let’s start with the basics. In order to understand why this is called a Genocide and why this is also a historic fact, you have first to understand what is a definition of a Genocide.

    Genocide is defined as “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group”

    You can google this or simply go the wikipedia page and read for your self.
    Now that you are aware of what defines a Genocide, therefore none of the counter arguments against the Armenian Genocide are valid, especially the ridiculous ones that say “If we committed Genocide against the Armenians, then how come there are Armenians still out there”, or the “Oh, deportations are not Genocide”, ….etc.

    Now, is what happened to the Armenians a Genocide?
    Just asking this question makes you look unaware of the simple historic fact that the word “Genocide” was coined the the Polish-Jewish lawyer and activist Raphael Lemkin who was a survivor of the Holocaust himself, and was doing a research on such crimes. He coined the word and defined it based on what happened to the Armenians.

    During a video interview with Raphael Lemkin, the interviewer asked him about how he came to be interested in this genocide. He replied; “I became interested in genocide because it happened so many times. First to the Armenians, then after the Armenians, Hitler took action.”

    You can find that video on youtube.
    So basically the word was defined based on happened to the Armenian. So given these facts, how can someone even question if what happened to the Armenians was a Genocide or not?
    This is just questioning if what happened to the Jews was a Holocaust or not.

    Now let’s examine the allegations and excuses presented against this.

    1. “This is all made up by Armenian nationalists, fake paintings, …etc”

    Really? So Armin T. Wagner was “painting” and did not take photos?
    What about the others? What about the tens of thousands of survivors that reached Der Al-Zour in Syria? Were these also manufactured?

    Speaking of nationalists, I think you are confused. Armenians, while they have their own extremists, are just stating facts, all backed up by historic facts, and eye witness testimonies. Such denials are coming from Turkish ultra-nationalist radicals and their supporters. Have you checked what the notorious “Grey Wolves” are doing these says?

    I would rather argue with facts, rather than just throw baseless accusations like this. This is verified history that almost all scholars, even Turkish scholars agree on.

    2. “Armenians committed Genocide against the Turks!”

    You know such remarks makes someone question why he or she is wasting their time arguing against such ridiculous claims.
    Where is this imaginary Genocide? Do you understand what is the definition of Genocide to make such claims?

    Now in order for that to happen, there should be elements to make that possible. Have you studied criminology? Do you understand the elements of crime?
    One of the elements is whether such thing is possible, which means if the alleged perpetrator is actually capable of committing such action. Can you explain to us, how the Armenians, which were a minority that were clearly outnumbered, outgunned, and had virtually no access to any political power or authority commit a “Genocide” against the Turkish people?

    That not only does not add up and also lacks history and facts to support such allegation.

    Now there is a tactic we never saw before (not really), the perpetrator of the crime and his/her supporters accusing the victim(s) of committing the same crime against them in order to draw attention away from the actual crime itself.

    This is a classic smear campaign against the victims and the survivors. Make up accusations, twist history, and throw wild claims like this.

    Just like a rapist accusing the rape victim of raping him, or a killer accusing the murder victim of killing him.

    Sorry that is not an intelligent counter argument.

    3. Armenians were traitors, they sided with the Russians, rebelled and were fighting against the Ottoman Turks.

    Once again, this is revisionist history. No historical facts or documentations support this allegation.

    The Armenians, were geographically based on the both sides, Russia and Turkey. Thy were fighting in both armies, with the overwhelming majority in the Turkish army. The simple fact that Ever pasha was saved by an Armenian soldier named Hovaness carrying him on his back through battle lines back to safety to get medical attention and actually saving his life should tell you that this allegation of treason is nothing but a lie.

    Upon that humiliating defeat that the Turk army suffered on the hands of the Russians, Enver and his accomplices placed the blame on the Armenians and started a smear campaign which was a pretext for the Genocide. Next all Armenian soldiers were disarmed and asked to dig their own graves, tortured and killed. Before this even started, laws issued prohibiting Armenians from owning weapons and Turkish police/army and the Turkish gangs were raiding Armenian villages and homes confiscating weapons from Armenians. The next step was rounding up intellectuals and then torturing and killing them. Some were hanged in public squares without any trial. Next men and young boys were rounded up and removed from their houses and families to be tortured and killed. The rest, the women, children and the elderly were forcefully deported from their historic lands.

    During that deportation, orders were given to the Turkish army, and Kurdish and Turkish gangs to loot the houses and properties of the deported and then attack the deported in the death marches in the desert facing brutal weather, starvation, and outbreak of deadly diseases. Mass rapes, torture, maiming and killing were done. Tens of thousands still survived and reached Der Al-Zoor and other cities where Arabs and others, even Turkish people helped them sheltering them from the criminals.

    This is all documented by dozens and dozens of histories and scholars, hundreds of third party eye witness testimonies, and thousands of survivor accounts. Now suddenly, some of you claim that there are documentation that this was not a genocide and that the Turks tried to stop the killing? Sure, from the carefully manufactured Turkish archives that also were purged from any incriminating documents and evidence according to communications published by Wikileaks?

    Sure, but don’t expect any person with common sense to rely on such self serving statements and “evidence”, and in fact, this proves again that Turk nationalists are still trying to hide evidence proving these historic events.

    You also need to understand that the perpetrator’s word cannot be taken by itself as an ultimate proof of his innocence. It has to be corroborated by another source, and non-biased, non-affiliated credible source, and unfortunately for Turkey, there is no such source, therefore your side of the story remains as what it is, a made up story, and nothing but self serving statements.

    Trying to blame the Armenians for what happened to them, saying they were fighting and siding with the enemy is just a smear campaign. History does not support that.

    But let’s for a second assume that these allegations were true and the Armenian did side with the enemy. How does that justify the crimes of mass rape, starvation, torture, abductions and killings of innocent civilians? Remember your own theory, armed men fought and sided with the enemy, how does that justify deportations and killings of women, children and the elderly?
    It does not, and therefore, even when assuming for one second that your accusations were try, it is still a crime and still a Genocide.
    As for the last ridiculous theory that forced deportations are not a Genocide, and that it was a war, then once again, I recommend reading a bit about the definition of the Genocide, and then reading the definition of war.

    Armenians were not at war against the Turks, that shoots down “during war” theory. The definition of Genocide says “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part” and forced deportations and the massacres were both deliberate and systematic carried out by the Turkish army, police and Turkish gangs who acted on orders from the government. There are tons of documents showing that, authenticated and proven. From there there were orders from the Ottoman Turkish government to the Kurdish gangs to attack the Armenians or face the same fate. Those are also documented. Now you will have hard time arguing that the Turkish government did not give those orders and even made sure that they were carried out. So your argument is just like someone who shot and killed the victim and then said, not my fault, people die when shot, but it was not a crime. Sorry, that’s now how it works.

    Yes, it was a Genocide, deliberate and systematic, ordered and carried out by the government and the Turkish army, police and gangs, along with the Kurdish gangs that were forced to participated. You can deny all you want, you can try to twist facts, and re-write history and make up stuff and throw accusations, but the rest of the world knows the facts and truth will prevail.

  6. John Smith says:

    Thanks for removing my comment which had nothing but historical facts and references to articles published by scholars showing that the Genocide actually did happen and even the definition of the Genocide was based on what was done to the Armenians by the Ottoman Turks.

    Says alot about your credibility and agenda.

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