Excavation to unearth Armenian massacre victims

Atatürk University is combining efforts with the Erzurum Museum Directorate to unearth the mass graves of Turks in Erzurum massacred by Armenian criminal groups during the March riots of 1918.  During the excavation Atatürk University and the Erzurum Museum Directorate will attempt to uncover the truth surrounding Armenian atrocities of World War I. The excavation […]

Companies lobby (quietly) on genocide bill

WASHINGTON – Corporate America typically hires lobbyists to pressure Congress on taxes and trade rules. But in an unusual – some say risky – move, five military contractors and an energy company have stepped into a fight over whether the United States should label Turkey’s alleged slaughter of a million Armenians nearly a century ago […]

“It is enough to visit mass graves in Igdir to know who committed genocide”

Head of the Azerbaijan International Diaspora Center (IDC) Ismayil Aghayev held a press conference on his visit to Igdir province of Turkey. Aghayev said every year Armenians marked the anniversary of false “Armenian genocide” in April, APA reports. He said IDC held series of events to prevent these falsehoods. Aghayev said within these events they […]

How to End a Genocide Debate

It’s almost April, so Washington is gearing up for another performance of the “Armenian Genocide Resolution Spectacular,” a regular event since 1984(…) Before staging this year’s performance, however, Congress should note that hitherto frozen relations between Armenia and Turkey are now showing signs of melting, and that this may be the first step toward reconciling […]

Professor questions ethnic conflict

Armenian students respond to genocide denials One of history’s most controversial debates came to the Marvin Center Monday night. Turkkaya Ataov, a professor at Ankara University in Turkey who is internationally recognized for his vehement denials that the 1915 massacre of Armenians was a genocide, presented a lecture entitled, “How to Come to Terms with […]