Davutoglu in the Spring Issue of the Turkish Policy Quarterly on the Armenian Issue

TURKISH-ARMENIAN RELATIONS IN THE PROCESS OF DE-OTTOMANIZATION OR “DEHISTORICIZATION”: IS A “JUST MEMORY” POSSIBLE?* Ottoman-Armenian Identity from Pluralistic Reality to the Perception of  Unified Community The fact that the diverse Armenians living throughout Anatolia were able to maintain a common identity and unity despite of all their differences, was not in spite of the Ottoman […]

Orientalism: ‘Terrible Turk’ becomes a ‘genocidal Turk’

How does the Orientalist discourse of the past inform and restructure the present political discourse on “the other”? How can we explain the continuity of political discourses that are constructed upon the 20th century’s “scientific racism” (i.e., anthropological justification of racism and thus colonial conquest)? In the light of these broader questions, this article seeks […]

Erdoğan and his Armenian problem

By GERARD J. LIBARIDIAN When the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan came to power in Turkey in 2002, there were reasons to think that they would correct the state policies for dealing with history, particularly regarding the treatment of Armenians by the Ottoman government during the First World War. Since their […]

Minorities ‘given entire asset rights’

Turkey’s Foundations Directorate General has organized a seminar on new regulations regarding minority foundations. Held in Galata Greek School in Istanbul on Dec. 13, the seminar titled “The Legal Condition of the Minority Foundations” was the first of its kind in the Republican period. Foundations Directorate General’s Chief Inspector Okan Saydam, the foundations’ Istanbul 1st […]

France and Turkey: New horizons for a long-standing relationship

The president of the French Republic has marked France’s will to establish a “stable and trusting relationship” with Turkey. In preparation for his forthcoming visit to Turkey, I would like to encourage us here and now to drive forward our bilateral relations. We often find that little is known about the importance of our economic […]