Master of oud of Armenian descent announces return to his hometown, Diyarbakır

World-renowned master of oud Yervant Bostancı, a Diyarbakır native of Armenian descent, announced March 30 that he has decided to return to his hometown following separate calls by the culture minister and Diyarbakır mayor for minorities that have emigrated to return to Turkey. Bostancı, who has been living in California for 21 years, said he […]

Turkish Coalition of America Releases an Annotated Map of Forced Migration and Mortality in the Ottoman Empire

The breakup of the Ottoman Empire set thousands upon thousands of forlorn refugees on the move. Most western chronicles of this era focus only on those of the Christian faith who suffered. Turkish Coalition of America is now publishing an annotated map displaying the trails of 5 million Ottoman Muslims who were displaced from the Balkans, […]

Examining the Armenian deportation

In order to be able to judge whether the Armenian deportation of 1915 can be labeled as a genocide attempt, I think we first and foremost need to delve into the concept of “deportation.” Here arises an important question: Was the Ottoman deportation of the Armenians the first of its sort in history? In other […]

Armenians cannot demand compensations from Turkey

Armenians could not demand compensations from Turkey regarding their properties during the Ottoman period, said the head of Turkish Historical Society. Prof. Dr. Kemal Cicek, head of the Armenian Studies Desk at Turkish Historical Society, told the AA correspondent on Monday that Armenians could not demand compensation from Turkey as the issue ended after the […]

Armenian-Americans sue for century-old losses

Armenian-American lawyers filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against the Turkish government and two banks seeking compensation for the heirs of Armenians whose property was allegedly seized nearly a century ago as they were driven from the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Lawyers were seeking class-action status for the suit, a process that attorney Brian Kabateck said could […]